Wellness Packages

Spine Care

Rejuvenate your Spine the Holistic way  with the blend of traditional ayurvedic treatments. Improve circulation of spine, nourish the muscles and relieve stiffness. Highly recommended for desktop workers and degenerative disorders of spine.

Knee Care

Your insurance for young and strong knees! A combination of authentic ayurvedic therapies to strengthen, nourish and mobilise the knee joints. Highly recommended for sport enthusiasts, obesity and arthritic pains. Postpone the wear and tear of your knees with knee care!

Eye Care

A unique amalgam of ancient techniques to nourish and strengthen the eyes! Highly recommended for people using spectacles, spending long hours on electronic gadgets.

Weight Loss

No starving and no running the extra mile! Shed the extra pound the holistic way. Detox your body, Optimize your metabolism, harmonise your mind and re discover yourself through the weight loss program!


The ultimate answer to prevent burn out and depression! Unveil the secrets of stress management with yoga and ayurveda. Harmonise your body and mind with tradition and meditation. Relax in the black forest, rejuvenate with ayurveda, reflect in meditation and redeem yourself.


Rediscover the beautiful you with ayurveda! Rejuvenate your body and mind with the ancient methods of beauty care. Radiate the glow of harmony from within.


From the holistic tradition of ayurveda, A unique integration of ancient techniques to rejuvenate and harmonise sense organs! Panchatatwa program enables you to nourish and optimise the five sense organs – ears, nose, eyes, mouth and the skin. Uplift your senses and enjoy the sensibility!


The ultimate and pan detox experience! Total rejuventation with Ayurveda! The  Punarnava program is an opportunity to be New Again. A holistic tradition towards rejuvenation of body and mind, punarnava takes you to the most fulfilling journey of harmony and happiness.