Spine Care

Rejuvenate your Spine with the authentic Ayurveda !


Preventive, palliative, protective and holistic care for a healthy Spine.

Knee Care

Being the weight bearing joints of the body, knees require regular care and nourishment for maintenance of optimum functioning. Prevent the knees from getting old and dry with Authentic Ayurvedic Knee care Techniques.

Eye Care

Eyes have been the medium for us to enjoy life and all the beauty of the world. If you feel they are overstretched with the use of laptops, phones and other visually demanding activities then it’s time to give your eyes a rejuvenation with the ancient ayurvedic preventive eye care program!

  • Eye Care
  • 255/ 3 Days
    • Eye exercise
    • Netra Pindi

  • Eye Care
  • 400/ 5 Days
    • Eye exercise
    • Netra Pindi

  • Eye Care
  • 592/ 7 Days
    • Eye exercise
    • Netra Pindi

Weight Loss

Loosing that extra kilogram need not be a struggle anymore. Optimise your metabolism, harmonise your mind, detox and rejuvenate yourself without starvation and heavy exercises! Try out the time tested tradition of Ayurveda for weight optimisation!


Why wait till you burn out or accumulate a lot of stress? Harmonise and rejuvenate the mind with tradition and meditation.


Beauty is the expression of harmony between body, mind and spirit. Relax, rejuvenate and glow with the Ayurvedic herbs. Let the beauty dawn from balance.


The sensory organs namely eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin haave been our windows to the world around us. The ancient tradition of Ayurveda enables one to nourish and rejuvenate these organs with unique techniques that cater just to these five organs. Take some time to thank your senses with Panchatatwa!

  • Panchatatwa
  • 425/ 5 Days
    • Eye Exercise
    • Netra Pindi
    • Karnapoorana
    • Karnadhoopana
    • Nasya
    • Nasa Dhoopana
    • Kavala Gandusha
    • Mukhalepa
    • Abhyanga Sweda


Blend of traditional and holistic ayurvedic practices that are interwoven with utmost care for the total rejuvenation of body and mind. Punarnava means becoming new again. A harmony between body and mind with deep cleansing and natural restoring of health is aimed with Ayurvedic principles of wellness.