Sthanika Abhyanga

Massage with warm herbal oil on spine for improving circulation, strengthening the muscles, relieving stiffness and improving flexibility.

Upanaha Lepa

Gentle fomentation of knees with application of warm herbal paste. This technique relieves water retention, inflammation and stiffness in knees.

Eye Exercise

Eye exercises combines a series of muscle strengthening exercises for eyes, cleansing the eyes with herbal liquids and nourishing the nerves of eye with herbal clarified butter. This program aims at relaxation and rejuvenation of eyes.


Nasya is the practice of lubricating nasal passages with herbal oil. Nasya may help to reduce dryness of the nose, stress and headache. It may also promote hair growth and strengthen the sensory organs. Want to pamper your sense organs and your mind at once? Try nasya!

Kati Basti

Kati Basti is the retention of herbal oil in a dough at the lumbar spine for the given time. It treats the imbalanced dosha. Kati basti is believed to pacify the imbalance of three doshas at lower spine, improve the flexibility of lumbar spine, relieve stiffness of lumbar region and strengthen the muscles and nerves in the lower spine. Unhappy lower back due to work, carrying heavy things and travel? Its time for kati basti!

Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti is a preventive and palliative care for upper back. It is the procedure where herbal oil is retained on the neck region for the given time. Greeva basti may relieve pain, stiffness and stress from neck and upper back. It also improves circulation in upper shoulder area.


Stiff neck due to stress or work?


Relax your muscles with greeva basti!

Nabhi Basti

Retention of herbal oil on the navel area, which is a vital point of metabolism in the body, is nabhi basti. It is presumed to help imporve the power of digestion and absorption, and facilitate the release of deeply seated emotions. It also relievins digestive discomforts.


Bad digestion due to stress?


Try nabhi basti!

Janu Basti

Janu Basti, a nourishing and rejuvenating oil retention therapy for knee joint helps in preventing the degeneration of knee by retaining herbal oil in a dough over the knee joints for a certain period of time. It also enhances the flexibility and movement of the knee. It strengthens the weight bearing capacity of the knee.


Bad knees ?


Time for janu basti!

Netra Pindi

Netra Pindi includes massage on the orbit of eyes with a poultice made of herbs and boiled rice, steamed in herbal decoctions. This technique relieves fatigue of eye muscles, dims dark circles and improves quality of vision.

Hair Care

Head Massage  with herbal oils + STEAM + HAIR PACK with a paste of ayurvedic herbs. Improves the circulation of the scalp, promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair root, prevents hair fall and delays premature greying of hair.

Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda is a type of sweat inducing poultice massage done on the spine and extremities. It is believed to strengthen vertebral muscles and rejuvenate the spine by improving local circulation. It may help in preventing the degeneration of the spine which happens typically due to physical strain. Also it may help in reducing stress, pain and stiffness of back.


Unhealthy spine Sweat out the problem, then!

Face Care

Face Massage with herbal oils + STEAM + FACE PACK with ayurvedic herbs. Improves circulation of the face, do deep pore cleansing, promotes anti-aging and radiance, prevents acne and tan and improves skin tone.